Tree and Shrub Service


Did you know that we are trained and licensed to treat your trees & shrubs?  We can also treat your planting beds to keep them weed free.  In the state of New Hampshire we are licensed to apply control products to your lawn, of course. However, to apply weed control products to your planting beds and to treat your trees and shrubs for insects and diseases requires a separate license, which we also hold.   There aren’t many lawn care companies that can offer this additional level of service. 


Do you have a problem keeping weeds from invading your planting beds?  We can provide season-long control of weeds by applying pre-emergent weed controls in the spring and performing maintenance applications throughout the season to keep all of your landscape clean and weed-free.


Our approach to tree and shrub treatment is not just a “shotgun” approach by feeding and/or treating every single planting on your property.  That could be wasteful, hazardous, and environmentally irresponsible.  The fact is that most established trees and shrubs don’t require feeding or treatment unless they’ve been attacked by insects and/or diseases, installed in an urban environment where nutrients are not readily available, installed in the wrong site, physically damaged, or have otherwise been weakened to the point that a feeding or treatment would be helpful.  Also, you may not want to needlessly feed plantings that may already be too big for their location.  Foundation plantings, for example, may be too large already and feeding them will only make them bigger.

We prefer to find out which plantings are having problems and tailor a treatment program just for them.  This prevents needless applications/feedings and will save time and money.


We use Integrated Pest Management principles in our programs.  This means that we use many different tools for pest management that may or may not include chemical control.  We’ll take the following steps:

  1. Site assessment.

      First, we find out which plantings are of greatest concern.  We then evaluate them by visual examination.  We can also perform a tissue analysis, as needed, if we suspect any disease or insect pest that may be hard to properly diagnose.  We will also take a soil sample to test pH, nutrient availability, and organic matter content.  The results of these evaluations will form the basis for any treatment plan.  There are fees associated with the soil and tissue sampling based upon the number of samples required.


  1. Recommendations.

      Based on the evaluation/test results, we’ll recommend an action plan for either monitoring your landscape periodically or treating specific problems on a schedule best suited for success.  We will list these proposals on our Tree & Shrub Analysis and Service Agreement form.


  1. Monitoring/treatment program.

      Our service schedule will be based upon the best treatment regimen for your landscape.  It may be as often as needed for a specific pest or just monitoring the landscape when we’re there to service the lawn.  We may not even end up making any treatment applications if we do not find any pest problems.  This will minimize the cost to you and the effect upon the environment.



If our recommendations include a treatment regimen, we have many tools and products at our disposal.

We can apply treatments both topically, with the traditional spray, and/or systemically, through injection directly into the trunk of larger trees or soil injection.  We also have a variety of control products available to us.  Many of these are natural organic products, with little to no toxicity to pets and humans.  For example, horticultural oil, insecticidal soaps, biological controls, and newer generation synthesized products are virtually harmless to humans and pets.  These will be our first choice.  Broad spectrum chemical controls may be very effective on pests but usually also kill beneficial organisms.  They will be used when we feel that the more environmentally friendly products will not be effective.


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